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AURORA Solar Collectors are the most technologically advanced collectors on the market today. AURORA features the highest quality materials & state-of-the-art engineering to provide maximum efficiency & durability you can depend on for years to come.

AURORA collectors are environmentally responsible, non-polluting and reliable in any environment. AURORA panels are an important element of any hot water system, producing dependable results under any weather conditions.

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ecoFLAREís durable, lightweight design dramatically reduces the weight, installation time and labor needed to install solar hot water systems. With engineered freeze protection and overheating mechanisms, ecoFLARE eliminates the need for unreliable freeze valves. The composite absorber replaces costly, corrosive metals while the impact-resistant glazing replaces glass that may shatter.

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A direct (or open) system features collectors on the roof and a storage tank somewhere below, usually a garage or utility room. A pump is used to circulate the water from the tank to the collectors and back again. The sunís heat is transferred directly to the water which is circulating through the tank and collector. The Solene direct system offers a PV option to power the pump instead of electricity.

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Indirect (or closed loop) systems are more common in northern climates or where freezing weather is likely. Here the tank water is heated indirectly by a heat exchanger. An FDA-approved heat exchange solution is circulated through the collector, and the heat exchanger transfers the heat from the solution to the water in the tank.

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Drainback systems offer fail-safe freeze protection by removing all water from the collectors and piping when the system is not collecting heat. Each time the pump shuts off, water in the collectors and exposed piping drains into the insulated reservoir tank. Drainback systems circulate fluid-transfer solution through the collectors, then through a heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to the potable water in the solar tank.

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By incorporating the latest in heat exchanger technology and a modular design, the Simple Drainback System reduces the number of components associated with traditional drainback systems thus significantly reducing installation time and complexity. The system design eliminates the need for additional pumps, tanks, piping and hardware. The system arrives installation ready with the pump flange and the pre-wired controller fastened to the tank. Installation requires only four plumbing connections and one sensor connection. Once filled with water, the system is ready for years of maintenance free, reliable operation.

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